5Modern times demand new performance levels in the techniques and materials employed in building and constructing homes and offices. Mono-wall is an ingenious concept. It has been developed to build walls that are highly durable and cost-effective.

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Those who prefer environmental friendly homes can benefit from the use of Mono-wall which is a single wall construction that has integrated steel frames which are resistant to fire, termites, earthquakes, and cyclones.

Mono-wall suits all types of construction where insulated rendered walls are required for single or multi-story sloping and difficult sites, projects, new homes, units, granny flats, renovations, additions and extensions, pool houses, studios, fences, and other endless projects. All projects are quality controlled and certified.


Mono-Wall is a game-changer for the construction industry. Mono-wall offers the following advantages:

No more conventional strip footings
No more stick frames, tie down and bracing
No more wall wrap, bricks, and bricklayers
No more bulk insulation
No more structural termite problems

Compared to conventional construction, Mono-wall offers greater value for your money. All materials used are fire and pest resistant and provides excellent insulation qualities. Mono-wall will lower your carbon footprint and will reduce your cooling and heating costs.

Consider when building the impact on humanity. Experience better building for people who want to make a difference.


Mono-wall is both termite and fire proof. It is created using large factory prepared panels with superior insulation qualities. This material will negate the need for insulation inside walls while keeping the maintaining desirable temperatures inside. Your low carbon footprint will keep heating and cooling costs at a minimum.

Mono-wall offers the following benefits to home owners:
– Acoustic and thermal efficiency
– Fire resistant/ Non-combustible structure
– Quieter, healthier living
– White ant resistant structure without harsh chemicals
– Thermal insulation

Mono-wall is cyclone and earthquake resistant, constructed on a super strong integrated steel frame. The foam technology allows the material to stand up to violent shaking because the foam is lightweight, while the cement coating makes it rigid – features that help a house to stand when others would fall.

Houses made from the composite panels are not only earthquake and cyclone resistant, but also relatively cheap, simple construction, and energy efficient.
Mono-wall is recognised by some of the leaders in the industry as the most simplistic yet strongest and most cost effective system on the world market today. The cavity of brick to frame to plaster is eliminated so as housing is calculated on external dimensions. Gives up to 10% more internal space in your house. Also expect lower maintenance expense due to the solid impact resistant wall construction, a major benefit for rental properties.

The solid impact resistant external and internal wall construction creates a strong, quality home.

Mono-wall is created on super strong steel frame created in a sheltered factory immune to weather conditions. Roofing can be installed before the slab, creating less down time due to weather. Its light weight flat pack design comes in large sheets enabling fast construction times.

Mono-wall provides the following advantages:
– Simple, fast and accurate construction
– System suits sloping site – making construction easier
– Less waste on site and better working environment
– Roof on before floor or slab if required (shade and less downtime due to weather)
– Rapid floor system
– Windows installed after renderer application completed

Mono-wall system is an extremely versatile construction system with its skeletal frame especially suited to modulation of any construction. All internal walls are not structural, allowing greater freedom of design inside and allowing future changes to take place with a minimum of fuss.

The ability to extend the structure beyond the initial boundaries is made simple with the use of the skeletal frame we use. It provides the added ability to easily extend or add to a structure without causing structural damage to the skeletal frame. Another advantage is the ability to easily add decor features at any time to suit changes in fashion or to upgrade the value of a building.

Mono-wall is a new age building system that is environmentally friendlier than conventional systems while offering greater economy. Very little waste is created on site marking for low cost cleanup and low environmental impact.

Mono-wall provides:
– Lower rental costs – because of much shorter construction time
– Lower power bills – less heating and cooling
– Less stress – because of quality of living (quiet and peaceful)

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