Mono-Wall® Pre-Made DIY Fencing

The new way to improve the look, security and value of your home or project. Mono-Wall® Fencing comes ready to erect for rendering, including fixtures and instructions for the DIY or professional fencers with easy to assemble components purchased as a 3.2 metre kit.

Each Kit includes:

1 75mm x 75mm x 3mm SHS Steel Post (to suit fence height)

1 Post cover panel receiver 350mm x 260mm x 1200mm high or 1800mm high

1 Fence panel 3000mm long x 1200mm or 1800mm high

1 Fixing pack

1 Set of installation instructions.

Concrete for post footings not included. Other sizes and pricing available on request. Any questions please give us a call.






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Address: 13 Robinsons Rd., Cobaki Lakes, NSW 2486

Phone: 0404 239 923 

Adelaide South Australia MonoWall distributor: 0478 885 347 


Monowall ABN: 81 635 915 351


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