Fencing Terms and Conditions

Terms / Conditions & Recommendations of Sale


1. Trading terms of payment are by cash, electronic direct deposit, or Visa unless otherwise agreed. This payment is in four parts; a 10% deposit upon signed contract. 40% on ordering/manufacturing of panels, 30% on or before installation of panels and 20% on practical completion of render and painting*or as per attached contract detail. The owner’s name that is on the quote is responsible for collecting payments from neighbors, insurer, agents etc. Balance payment is due for settlement on the day of completion, invoices will be sent to all parties. Failure to pay on the final day shall attract a 10% interest pa calculated daily, & in the event of non-payment we will collect the remaining portion of goods on your property or take legal action. The client will also pay any debt recovery cost incurred by MonoWall Construction Systems. A cooling off period is only applicable to this contract in some circumstances where State, Territory or Federal Laws require it.

2. This quote has been arranged as a total package and alterations/deletions to work required would require a new quotation to be reissued. Confirmation of this quote is when you pay a 50% deposit; this should only be given after careful consideration, as these actions with these terms and conditions form our contract.

3. For whatsoever reason, the contract to install fencing shall only last two months from deposit date. Furthermore, any delay or pausing in work, instructed by owner, shall only last two weeks and then a 25% increase on the total invoice will apply.

4. The quotation is open for acceptance for a period of 30 days from the date of the quote. Acceptance after this will be at the company’s discretion and subject to written agreement acceptance by the company.

5. Monowall Construction Systems Warranty and Guarantee is void if the suitable painting is not applied. Should the Client wish to do painting themselves, the final 20% payment is applied as a practical completion of work.



1. MonoWall will not be responsible and liable in any matters with adjoining neighbors and checking with the local council as to whether you need approval for any work carried out by Monowall Construction Systems or its contractors e.g./ retaining walls, fencing heights, front yard fencing etc.

a. Should there be any Council check or application requirements required, it must be stated in the quote form, otherwise MonoWall is not responsible and liable with any dispute before, during and after the job is carried out.

b. Mono-Wall pre-rendered panels are not a full rendered system and do not have the advantage of a rendered-on site finish and therefore may show some outlines of the mesh used in their construction.



1. Monowall Construction Systems accepts no responsibility for the ground in which the fence is installed. All earthworks including levelling and compacting are to be carried out by the owner unless stated on the quote. We recommend the owner arrange a soil test and engineered footings design. Monowall Construction Systems will not accept liability for fence stability or uneven spacing under the fence where this has not occurred prior to installation. Unleveled ground will require Monowall Construction Systems fencing to have step-downs along the fence line or retaining options (see drawings below). Panels may be cut or require additional panels to suit the existing ground levels. This may result in a change of fence height and look.

1a. Monowall Step down Fence (on unleveled ground)


1b. Monowall Flush Joint Straight Line Fence (on unleveled ground)


1c. Monowall Staggered Fence (on unleveled ground)



2. We are not responsible for locating official boundaries. Please arrange a surveyor if this is required.

3. It is recommended that power points used by Monowall Construction Systems contractors, to carry out the work are to be surge protected.

4. Any unexpected obstructions found under the ground that cannot be readily overcome shall become the owner’s responsibility to remedy, before work shall recommence, at a time convenient to both parties.

5. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Monowall Construction Systems of any obstructions underground e.g. reticulation systems, Telstra cables, pipework of any description, and to provide plans of such via email or call 1100 dial before you dig. If the client fails to provide the information and damage is caused to facilities below the ground, Monowall Constructions Systems will take no responsibility and recompense shall not be entered into or recognized.

5.1 All care will be taken during construction. Mono-Wall accepts NO responsibility for damage to any underground services or their location.



1. Monowall Construction Systems will not be held responsible for storm and wind damage. It is considered a strong wind when gusts are over 80kph, if damage occurs in these conditions it becomes an insurance claim.

2. Monowall Construction Systems reserves the right to touch up the surface as a result of scuffing or scratching that may occur during transport or erection. All other materials requiring removal during the installation of fence/s or gates shall be left neatly onsite. Monowall Construction Systems accepts no responsibility to replace or cutback these items, unless stated on the quote.



Fencing Contractor will need access, water & power to both sides of the fence. All objects like bricks, wood, plant pots etc. are to be removed away from fence line at a distance of 2 metres, to allow the new fence to be installed. Failure to do this may attract an additional labour charge ($66p/h Inc. GST per worker). We are often moving materials and equipment, you need to accept some level of disruption, noise, dust, boot marks in the garden, marks on paving etc. These are unavoidable & usually temporary & we will do our best to minimize these things.



1. Monowall Constructions Systems warrants its product and installations for a period of 12 months. However, this is voidable if malicious/intentional misuse or vandalism has occurred, or where modification has been made by others, contractors, owners, etc.

2. The definition of fence removal where fencing exists, is to remove to ground level and NOT from below ground level. Monowall Construction Systems will then place your new fence on top of old fence by removing enough of the old fence below the ground level, to allow fencing posts to be placed into ground, unless otherwise requested by client (full removal) and this will be reflected in quotation/s. It is law however to remove all asbestos from below ground too.

3. Any theft of fencing products from site during construction of fence, is an insurance matter and is not covered by Monowall Construction Systems Pty Ltd or its contractors

4. Monowall Construction Systems Contractors require off-street parking as there may be a liability for the company when working on the public scape of a roadway.

5. Please be advised that it is suggested that children or animals are kept clear of the work area at all times, as we don’t wish to see anyone be injured.

6. Failure to read these TERMS/CONDITIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS although asked to on your quotation is no excuse to any avoidance of these points listed above.

7. Terms and Conditions are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE



It may be several weeks before your new MonoWall fence finish reaches its full strength. Care should always be taken not to damage or dent your new fence. Rendered finishes will not withstand whipper snipper use without snipper guard on. It is the responsibility of the owner to advise grounds worker to use the snipper guard to protect the fence from damage. Should the damage occur intentionally or unintentionally, that damage should be repaired as soon as possible as if left unrepaired it will void the 10-year panel care warranty.

Note: Minor dents and imperfections are a normal part of the pre-rendered wall fence panels.


NOTE: These Drawings are a general guide only and it is recommended that The client engaged for an engineer for footings design.


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